[CDBI] Ima::DBI and mod_perl2

Michele Valzelli spleen.leveller at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 16:28:01 GMT 2010


I am migrating a Class::DBI/Mason site from mod_perl do mod_perl2. I was
using the db_Main override for mod_perl listed on the class-dbi wiki and I
replaced it with a call to connection method since Ima::DBI now works
correctly with mod_perl. But in my overridden db_Main I was also setting
Oracle session globals as in this page
http://wiki.class-dbi.com/wiki/Setting_Session_Globals. Just putting
the Your_CDBI::Class->db_Main->do($sql_statement); line after the connect
doesn't ensure it gets called at every connection, so I need to override
db_Main again. But how to do it preserving the funcionality under mod_perl2?

Thanks in advance,


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